Here are some questions I received through comments and emails. The answers aren't exactly ground breaking but it should help some new students solve their curiosity. Thanks!

How long did you work on the film?
  • The amount of time that is given to finish the 4th year film is 2 Terms. That is roughly 8 months. However, I spent my evenings during the summer prior the term 1 to workout the majority of the story beats.
What software did you use?
  • During pre-production phase, I used Toonboom Storyboard Pro and Adobe Photoshop for storyboarding and Adobe Premier Pro for making the leica reels. For Production, I used a pencil testing program called DigiCel Flipbook to shoot my rough animations and also to color the characters once the clean up was scanned in. For post-production, I used Adobe After Effects to composite individual scenes and Adobe Premier Pro to put the whole film together.
About animation clean-up
  • For animation and clean-up, I went ahead with classic pencil on paper method. To clean-up, I put a brand new sheet of paper on top of my rough animation and used red col-erase pencil to lightly draw things on model. Then used B-pencil to 'ink' on top of the red guideline. This process took roughly 15 minutes to clean up each key frame and 10 minutes for the in-betweens.
About Death(aka Christopher)'s design
  • As the pre-production phase was wrapping up and the story of the film near polished, the design of Christopher took shape. The initial design had lots of curves in attempt to make it 'design-ey' but as I explore Christopher's personality in context of the story and it's theme, I focused to make him more naive and innocent. His cranium got much smaller and although it's little hard to notice, he missed a button on his robe.