Very first sketch of Katie

Initial concept beat boards. Black ball is a time manipulating device.
She would use it to make her lemonade better each time until
it was too delicious.

Early Katie design. Blond hair was scrapped due to readability
against golden field.

Early beat painting. I played with shadow being 'safe' and
light being 'exposed' and 'dangerous'

Early beat painting

Early concept painting that defined the man's size and his pose
Quickly exploring other options
Narrowing down to subtle color choices. 
Early Man sketch that gave general direction to the design.

Final design of Katie. Initial storyline had Katie to be
greedy yet maintained her good side.

Evolution of Christopher design. Few sketches above suggest
him to be pure, innocent and caring.
Near final Design of Christopher. His robe fit little to tight and
made him appear too small. Middle lifting pose was what I was
considering for some time for added humor but was cut due to
distracting from story focus.